Longbourn: Dragon Entail Chapter 6

Ok, so I’m als a sucker. You asked for chapters weekly…I guess I’ll do chapters weekly now. How about we check in with exactly what Darcy is up to as well. He better have a good reason for not coming to the rescue–right? (Don’t forget, comments really do inspire me to write faster…just saying…)

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Of course Aunt Catherine required a change of garments before leaving for the dragon’s lair. A walking dress, he was informed, was the proper attire for one to call upon dragons.

 Thankfully Miss Elizabeth had no such notions when rushing out from the ball to rescue Pemberley. He really ought to replace that gown for her. All things considered, there was little chance her father would do that for her.

 Rosings’ cavern lay along an overgrown path, deep in the woods along the west side of the estate, well away from the grazing pastures, small farms and tenant houses. Although Rosings would never violate the accords and harm a trespasser, she was by nature grouchy and no one wanted to make her grouchier.

Cait flew out to greet them whilst they were still a hundred yards off. She was a spectacular example of a cockatrix in her prime, covered in glossy black feathers, punctuated with deep purple along her head ruff and deep blue under her wings. Her head ruff was so full and fluffy, it was hard to make out her face, only the tip of her razor-honed beak stood out. She boasted tail feathers so long, they often dragged the ground when she perched. If one considered looks alone, it was hard to understand Walker’s adverse reaction to her, especially since she had chosen him.

“You have deigned to grace us with your presence.” Cait landed in front of them and bent her head toward the ground, but her wings were still spread.

Cockatrix sarcasm at its finest.

“Do not take that tone with me. You well know I have been occupied. I should have thought the two of you could manage a baby between you. Especially considering that you have raised two broods already.” Aunt Catherine flipped her skirts at Cait.

“Mine did not have teeth, and I assure you feather scales are not nearly so arduous to grow as teeth.” Cait flapped her wings and took off, trailing her tail feathers over their shoulders.

She must be tired and worn too, stooping to such obvious insults.

He could not blame Walker, not at all.

Aunt Catherine gathered her skirts and stormed into the hillside cavern.

At some point long ago, small cracks had opened up in the ceiling, just enough to let some light through, but still overgrown enough to keep out the rain. He paused a moment for his eyes to adjust. At last, he could make out a broad expanse, swept clear by a dragon’s tail. Along the nearest wall, a pile of soft leaves and underbrush formed Pemberley’s nest, where she lay fitful and whining softly. Several yards away, Rosings stretched out across the ground, forelegs thrown over her ears.

“Cowntess,” Aunt Catherine called.

How she loved those reminders of rank, her own and her dragon’s.

Rosings rose to her feet and shook. Starting at her head, it progressed down her shoulders, her wings, to the tip of her tail. A small cloud of dust stirred. Darcy sneezed into his handkerchief.

The firedrake Cowntess, was an exemplar of her kind. Like Pemberley, she was various shades of red, from pale red at her underbelly, to deep red, nearly purple along her spine. Her talons reflected the meager light, sharp as Cait’s beak. Her smooth scales, dusty now, shone when freshly cleaned. Nose to base of tail she must have been fifteen feet long, with another eight feet of tail behind her. Fully extended, her wings probably spanned over twenty feet. None had ever measured them though. And since she only flew on nights with no moons, none alive now had actually seen her in flight. She was a very private creature.

“Lady.” Rosings bobbed her head and Aunt Catherine curtsied.

How very different this was from the warm, almost intimate greetings that Miss Elizabeth shared with her dragon friends. At first it had seemed so odd, so improper to him, now Aunt Catherine seemed too stiff and formal.

“Will you introduce me to your guest?”

Rosings rolled her eyes. “If she will see you.”

“Pemberley is much taxed by teething right now.” Darcy hurried to her side. The last thing he needed was Aunt Catherine agitating Pemberley—and it took very little to do so.

“I shall determine that for myself.” In a swish of skirts, Aunt Catherine stormed toward the nest, Rosings barley half a step ahead.

“You should rise and greet your guest.” Rosings nosed Pemberley.

Pemberley lifted her head blinking. “She is not her. I want her.”

“What is the drakling blithering about?”

“Nothing to be concerned with. She spent a great deal of time with Miss Bennet—”

“Yes her!”

“And is having some difficulty adjusting to her removal.”

Aunt Catherine snorted. “That is why nursery maids should be changed out often. It is always a problem when youngsters get attached.”

“May I present my aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh?” Darcy gestured toward her.

“She is not her.” Pemberley looked away.

“You will not be rude to my Keeper.” Rosings slapped the tip of her tail on the ground.

“Yes, Cowntess.” Pemberley clambered to her feet, eyes down. “Greetings, Lady.”

“That is better.” Aunt Catherine nodded, still scowling. “Now, I have heard your teeth are troublesome.”

“I have no teeth.” Pemberley turned her face away.

“Yes, but you will soon. Now open your mouth and let me see.”


“I insist. Do as you are told.”


Darcy edged closer. “Now, Pemberley. If she—ah ‘her’—asked you, would you do so?”


“Then please do so now. Lady only wants to see you well, like ‘her’.”

Aunt Catherine glowered at him, but Pemberley opened her mouth.

Hopefully she would not bite.

Aunt peered into Pemberley’s mouth, but stopped short of putting her hand inside. She did have baby fangs after all.

Aunt Catherine turned her back on Pemberley. “There is no doubt the trouble is teething. But that is very good because now we have a solution.”

“We do?”

“Of course. All she needs is to have her gums lanced to reveal the teeth, just like any infant. Then this nonsense shall be over. I shall make arrangements for it immediately. Perhaps Cait can do it, her talons might do very nicely.” In a swish of skirts, she bustled from the cavern.

“What she mean, lance?” Pemberley tucked her head under Darcy’s arm.

“It is a surgery to free your teeth from your gums. It is often done for babies as I understand—teething is very dangerous you know.”

At least it was for humans, but who knew if it was for Dragons.

Miss Elizabeth probably would.

“No, it not dangerous.  It itches. It hurts. Make it stop. I no want Cait talons in my mouth. I will bite her.” She rustled her wings.

That usually signaled the beginning of a tantrum.


“You must not bite. You know that.”

“Rosings say I can if someone hurt me.”

Technically she was right. Self-defense was an admissible reason for dragon aggression.

“Cait is your friend.”

“No she not. She thinks I am vex … vexanamous … vexatious. I not know what means vexatious, but it not sound good.”

“She thinks Walker is vexatious too, and she likes him a great deal.” He scratched under her chin.

She took his wrist in her mouth and gummed it, whining. “Make it better.”

He took her face in his hands and pressed his forehead to her. “I will find some way to make it better, soon.”

Pray he would be able to keep that promise. If only Miss Elizabeth was near.


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    • Marina on March 18, 2017 at 5:12 am
    • Reply

    It is nice to see little Pemberly getting bigger and growing, i only wish the chapter was longer!

    1. Thanks, Marina!

    • Meg on March 18, 2017 at 9:04 am
    • Reply

    Yes both Darcy and Pemberley the dragon and the estate need Elizabeth asap. Interesting times ahead!

    1. Very interesting indeed! Thanks, Meg!

    • tgruy on March 18, 2017 at 11:21 pm
    • Reply

    Poor baby! I hope you can bring Elizabeth to her, fast…

    1. Me too!

  1. I loved seeing Pemberley and finally finding out how she is doing. And she wants her Elizabeth, of course!! (And does Darcy!)

    Lady Catherine *is* a dragon–that’s all there is to it.

    Thanks for this intriguing glimpse of the dragons of Rosings Park!

    Susanne 🙂

    1. Lady Catherine and her dragons share much in common, don’t they?

    • Lisa Hatfield on March 19, 2017 at 11:02 am
    • Reply

    I am loving the progression of this story!!!! Poor Pemberley needs to be reunited with LIzzy…and so does Darcy! Beautiful tale…..staying true to cannon, with a delightful twist!!! This series is destined to be one of my most favorite unique twists on cannon!!!!I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. It is off the beaten path, isn’t it?

    • Esther Stuart on March 27, 2017 at 3:01 am
    • Reply

    Ah, I missed this chapter! You anticipated my request of some Rosings/ Pemberly/ Darcy news. Thank you, this answers many of my questions.:^)
    I like Cait, the cocatrix, better than Rosings on first acquaintence. It seems like she has inherited a lot of her keeper’s personality and showiness, but those character qualities are more attractive in a dragon than in a dragonish woman.
    I really want a picture of her in Elizabeth’s Commonbook of Dragons… ?please?
    Of course that can’t happen until Lizzy actually gets to go there and meet them all.

    I am inexplicably pleased that both Darcy and Pemberley are missing Elizabeth so much. I mean, of COURSE they are missing her, but they way your write Pemberley is so sweet and anthropomophic, and Darcy is just like an anxious daddy wishing his wife (estranged wife?), would come back and do that mysterious thing that women seem to do to babies to make them settle.
    It seems appropriate somehow that their thoughts would be honouring Elizabeth while she is suffering so much anxiety and persecution back at Longbourne.
    This chapter is just the thing I was missing. Funny how this website doesn’t put the links sequentially after one has finished reading the chapter before…
    All the more reason to be impatient to buy the book…
    Thanks for sharing your talent with us Maria.
    I now have signed up for email notifications. that should ensure I don’t miss any more chapters.

    1. I’ll see what I can do about a picture of Cait, but as I am more author than artist, I kind of shudder at the thought. I will definitely go back to more entries from the Commonplace book when Longbourn:Dragon Entail is published. Cait and Lizzy will meet and I’m pretty sure you’ll find it a most memorable scene.

      The website places posts chronologically. So if you go up to the menu under Jane Austen’s dragons and click on the Longbourn link, it will give you links for all the chapters, but in reverse order. I’ve tried to change it, but I’m also not a programmer, so it is completely out of my league.

      Thanks, so much, Esther!

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