Why the Internet Needs Cats…with Thumbs

Cats with Thumbs
I love cat memes. Seriously, I do. And not just because I’m pushing crazy cat lady status now that cats outnumber people around here. I think cat memes may be saving the internet from imploding and us from our baser natures.


Well, there are times in life when you desperately, frantically want to say something.

Like to that Facebook friend who posted THAT political rant. Or the other one who supports THAT cause—really don’t they know better? Or when the kids’ school asks you to attend the 97th unnecessary meeting. Or you teenager goes out dressed in …WHAT? Or you see someone who should know better justifying a convenient decision that you know is going to go sideways.

You know the feeling. Your head is about to explode. Your chest goes all tight and its hard to breath. Your hands itch to hit the keyboard. And if those words don’t make it out of your mouth, you might just choke.

Yeah, that feeling.

Great fun.

I’ve been living with that feeling a lot these days. Seems like everytime I turn on social medial, I get that feeling. Takes reading maybe three posts until I hit something I can’t scroll through fast enough.

Standing in line at the grocery, trying not to listen to the conversations there, I’m biting my tongue so hard I think I’m going to die.

And let’s not start on the kids who are now old enough to know everything. Absolutely freaking everything!

So many things I want to say.

So many things I know.

So much wisdom to impart.

And so little real good in saying any of it.


Not much at all.

Pretty much none.

Thumper’s Rule

It’s hard to think of any time I’ve accomplished anything positive by opening my mouth when I so desperately wanted to.

Honestly can’t think of one. Mostly it’s gotten me in big trouble.

So I go back to what I know works. Thumper’s Rule. ‘If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say nothing at all.’

Some days I’m sure it’s going to kill me. It would be so satisfying to shake a little sense into people.

But people don’t like to be shaken.

Better take a deep breath, focus on what I like about that person, and leave those thoughts unsaid. Maybe in some cases I need some distance from that person, or even people in general. Maybe I need to remember my thoughts are no more (or less) valid than theirs.

Mostly I need to keep my eyes on the big picture. Usually the relationship is a lot more important than any of those things I’m dying to say.

And that’s why the internet needs cats… cats with thumbs. Seriously, who can resist a sweet kitty pic, especially of an extra special cat. It’s a nice safe thing to discuss when everything else seems like a bad idea.

There’s a reason why cat memes are so popular–and important. I think there are days they keep the internet from totally melting down.

On that note…meet my new cat! Seriously. He has thumbs, and extra toes. We haven’t been able to count them all yet. Let him give you a smile and prevent the internet from imploding for one more day.   


Cat thumbs


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    • Gordon Levine on July 29, 2016 at 10:31 am
    • Reply

    Agree about cats, my wife and I have had cats for 50+years, have 2 now. Consider them “little people” not animals. They’re family.
    Yes, about speaking out, I’m not what they call Politically Correct, these days, have to be careful what I say because anything I say offends someone. Usually just smile…and nod with a disgusted expression. Discuss it later with the cats who just purr and confirm the wisdom of keeping my mouth shut.

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