Writing Superheroes: E.M. Powell, the sequel

Myopia Girl has now become long-sighted. Read on and find out more…

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According to Wikipedia, ‘a superhero is a type of heroic character possessing extraordinary talents, supernatural phenomena, or superhuman powers and is dedicated to a moral goal or protecting the public.’ Sounds like a writer to me!

Join me as another one of these unsung superheroes invites into their personal ‘batcave’.


All good superhero stories.  E.M. Powell, how does your sequel begin (after the publication of you first/most recent book….)

It begins with a young man desperate for power. But this young man is John, youngest son of Henry II— the future Bad King John. And he’s going to anything to get his hands on it.


E.M. PowellAll superheroes have their mild-mannered secret identity.  How has yours grown and changed since you started life as a superhero? 

Myopia Girl has now become long-sighted too. Clark Kent had just one pair of spectacles. I now have three. And contact lenses. A lot goes wrong with this arrangement on a regular basis.


Do you have any side kicks or a new superhero team member? What are their superpowers?

Super Dog is still the sidekick. She is now growing deaf. I just like to think we’re aging gracefully together.


Have your superpowers grown and changed since your last adventure?

The first book in my medieval thriller series, The Fifth Knight, was released in Germany as Der fünfte Ritter in January 2016. It ended up on the Bild bestseller list! Though I would like to claim fluent German as one of my superpowers, credit has to go my wonderful translator, Oliver Hoffmann.


What new supervillain have you faced on your latest project and how did you vanquish it?

Dastardly Deadline kept creeping up on me, and as always, I never saw him coming. And he’s still out there, waiting for his next chance to strike.


What new lessons have you learned during this new adventure?

That medieval Ireland is even cooler than medieval England. (Okay: I’m Irish. I would say that.)


What have been the best/most memorable experiences along the way?

Going on a research trip to Ireland and retracing the steps of John’s campaign there in 1185. So many magnificent ancient sites still exist that would have been there when he arrived.


If you did this again what would you do differently and what would you not change?

I would take out shares in Post-Its. And I would never, ever change writing historical thrillers.


Tell us about you new book and why we need to drop everything and get it now.

England, 1185. John is a prince without prospect of a crown. As the youngest son of Henry II, he has long borne the hated nickname ‘Lackland’. When warring tribes and an ambitious Anglo-Norman lord threaten Henry’s reign in Ireland, John believes his time has finally come. Henry is dispatching him there with a mighty force to impose order.

Yet it is a thwarted young man who arrives on the troubled isle. John has not been granted its kingship—he is merely the Lord of Ireland, destined never to escape his father’s shadow. Unknown to John, Henry has also sent his right-hand man, Sir Benedict Palmer, to root out the traitors he fears are working to steal the land from him.

But Palmer is horrified when John disregards Henry’s orders and embarks on a campaign of bloodshed that could destroy the kingdom. Now Palmer has to battle the increasingly powerful Lord of Ireland. Power, in John’s hands, is a murderous force—and he is only just beginning to wield it.


What’s in store for you in the future? Do you have any other big projects on the horizon?

Research for Book #4 in the Fifth Knight series- but I can’t say much more because of spoilers.  

Thank you, Maria!




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