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Sweatpants, a t-shirt and blue stockings… Read on and find out more…

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If you were to write the ‘origin’s episode’ of your writing what would be the most important scenes? What did your early efforts look like? Are they still around to be used as bribes and blackmail material?

 My original efforts at writing were written at a low point in my life. Recently divorced and then in a relationship that wasn’t exactly how I envisioned the direction of my life was headed, I took to writing to escape. I will admit that my first manuscript is a train wreck about to derail. It’s still around and I’ll be working on edits soon so I can publish it in early 2016.


Sherry EwingAll super heroes have their mild-mannered secret identity, what is yours? I promise we won’t tell.

I am a true introvert at heart, although my mother would completely disagree and call me a chatterbox. But put me in a crowded room full of people I don’t know, and I feel like a wallflower sitting alone while every other girl in the room gets picked to dance.


Who are your partners in crime? What are their superpowers?

My partners in crime are my fellow Bluestocking Belles, whom I’m sure will each have a different opinion of what their superpowers would be. There are a few of them that contribute daily to our Bluestocking Bookshop on Facebook where authors and readers write stories on the fly. I envy their ability to think so quickly. By the time I think of something clever to contribute, the thread has moved on. I appreciate how focused the group is. They are fabulous authors and I’m happy to be associated with them.


Where do you get your superpowers from?

 My mother. She has been a tower of strength throughout my entire life and always there to pick me up whenever life has gotten me down.


Where is your secret lair and what does it look like?

 My secret lair is a tiny 800 square foot apartment in the San Francisco, California area. More often than not, it’s a mess. With a day job, my nights are consumed with writing and/or marketing. I figure it will eventually clean itself.


What kind of training do you do to keep your superpowers in world saving form? How do you insure they are used only for good?

I’ve been a national and local member of Romance Writers of America since 2012. I continue to take classes and workshops during conference to learn all I can on the craft of writing. Yes, it’s true…you can teach an old dog new tricks.


Granted, you probably don’t get to wear your superhero costume a lot, but if you did, what would it look like?

Most days I’m comfortable in just a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt unless I’m going out. Even then, I’m generally a casual kind of a gal on most days.


What is your kryptonite? What are the biggest challenges faced with in your writing?

Time management. Lately, there is never enough time for me to get everything that needs to be done in a day and let’s face it…social media can be a huge time suck. It’s a necessary evil but it takes away from my writing. If you see that I’m on Facebook for a while, it’s a good indication that my muse has up and left me.


What was the supervillian that threatened to stop your latest project and how did you vanquish it?

Over extending myself just about did me in. Trying to publish my next medieval romance when all the proofreading and edits were due at the same time for the Bluestocking Belles’ box set Mistletoe, Marriage, & Mayhem had to be one of the stupidest things that I’ve decided to undertake. But I prevailed, and published A Knight To Call My Own just in time for the RWA conference in July.


What important lessons have you learned along the way?

Sometimes it’s important to just take a break. After publishing four novels in one year, I’m trying to remember I’m only a one woman team and I can’t do it all myself, all the time. It’s okay to give myself permission to just sit back, every once in a while, and do nothing more strenuous than watch television. If I can’t accomplish what needs to be done today, so be it. There’s no reason to stress over something that can be tackled tomorrow.


 What have been the best/most memorable experiences along the way?

There was a certain amount of satisfaction when I opened the box containing my very first novel, If My Heart Could See You. I could finally touch it, turn the pages, and smell the fresh ink. This was one of those first experiences that I had waited a lifetime to accomplish, and I could finally say I did it. It was no small wonder that I was crying like a baby while I just hugged it to my chest.


If you did this again what would you do differently and what would you not change?

If I could do things differently, I wouldn’t have listened to the high school teacher who told me my writing would never amount to anything. I would have just continued on with my dream to become an author. That event changed the course of my life. Even though it was difficult, I wouldn’t change a thing since I went on to marry and have my children. It wasn’t until the kids were grown that I felt it was time for me to start writing and pursing my dreams.


What is the best (writing or otherwise) advice you have ever gotten and why.

The best advice I ever received for my self-publishing career was to wait until I had four or five books ready to, more or less, publish. I remember sitting at the conference thinking…you’ve got to be kidding me? But the reasoning was sound once I got over my shock. You don’t want your readers to have to wait for a year for you to publish your second book. If they do, you’ll be forgotten.  I think waiting was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life, but it’s been worth it.


MMM Box-Set-3D-Square-WebTell us about you new book and why we need to drop everything and get it now.

My latest book is my first Regency entitled, Under the Mistletoe. It’s a novella within the Bluestocking Belles’ box set Mistletoe, Marriage, & Mayhem. The Belles’ mutual charity, the Malala Fund, will be the recipient of all proceeds from the sale of the box set. We’re doing our part to help fund education for girls and women around the world. You can join us by purchasing our box set. At $0.99, you can’t beat that kind of a deal for seven incredible stories of runaway brides during the holiday season.


What’s in store for you in the future? Do you have any other big projects on the horizon?

I hope to have my first full length Regency era novel, One Moment in Time, published in early 2016. I’m also working on editing my next time travel in my series, To Follow My Heart: The Knights of Berwyck, A Quest Through Time Novel.  I have another medieval romance in the works for the next sibling from the MacLaren Clan from my free eBook If My Heart Could See You. And I have secondary characters from Under the Mistletoe running amuck in my head. It’s pretty evident that I’d better get busy writing. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me!



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  1. I’m sorry your high school teacher did such a number on you, Sherry! Wrong, wrong, wrong. But I’m so glad your books are out there now!

  2. Hi, Sherry and Maria.

    Great answers, Sherry. And I love Under the Mistletoe

    1. Thank you Jude! I enjoyed Gingerbread Bride 😉

  3. Thank you Maria for having me here today. I appreciate the opportunity for your readers to learn a little more about me and my work, especially the Bluestocking Belles’ new release Mistletoe, Marriage, & Mayhem!

  4. I loved the interview! Very unique! It’s always fun to learn more about a person and this was a great way of doing it. All the best Sherry!

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