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KU availableFall is in the air and exciting changes are everywhere! I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I am.

First, I’m trying something new. From now until January, the entire Given Good Principles series will be available on Kindle Unlimited. I’ve decided to give this venue a try and see what you all think about it.

This means that the books won’t be available on Nook or Kobo in the meantime, though. I know that is a down side and I thought a great deal about it. A reader let me know that there is a kindle app available for the Nook reader, so the series will still be accessible to Nook readers during this time.

This is an experiment though, so I’d love to have your feedback in the comments!

Regency LIfe buttonI’m also doing some housekeeping to spruce up the site a bit. One of the biggest changes is reformatting the Regency Life section to make it more accessible and include some new great content.

All the Regency Life posts are being reformatted and moved to the Regency Life menu in the menu under the header. I’m grouping them by theme and putting in navigation links to other articles in that theme. Hopefully this will make them easier to find, read and share.

I’m also privileged to host some wonderful articles my friends have written. Please check out my friend Julie’s wonderful article on Schoolgirls Embroidery and Hazel Mills’ wonderful piece on Knowing your Phaeton from your Curricle. I know you will enjoy these as much as I have.

Here’s a list (with links) of the current additions to the Regency Life section. I’ll be updating with many more articles soon! Please let me know if there are topics you might be interested in reading about, or articles that you’ve especially enjoyed. Please feel free to share and link to (but not copy please) any of these resources!

Regency Life Topics and Articles


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