Writing Superheroes: Jude Knight and the Bluestocking Belles

This week a whole league of superheroes! Read on and find out more…

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Hi, Maria. Thank you for inviting the Bluestocking Belles to join you on your blog. My seven wonderful colleagues will be by over the next few weeks, but let’s start by telling your readers about our league of writers.

If you were to write the ‘origin’s episode’ of your writing what would be the most important scenes? What did your early efforts look like? Are they still around to be used as bribes and blackmail material?

 It started, as all good super-writer stories should start, with a book. Or, rather, several books. Caroline Warfield, Amy Rose Bennett, and Mariana Gabrielle read mine. I read theirs. We were impressed with one another, and that’s where it began.

In the last week, Facebook has been popping up ‘one year’ anniversary reminders. Is it really only one year since the first of my super-hero colleagues became my Facebook friends?

Mariana was the one who suggested a group. We started with eleven or twelve interested people, and it went from there. At the time, it seemed to take us ages to decide who wanted to be in, what we were going to be called, what we intended to do together. In retrospect, it was a matter of weeks from first idea to promoting the Facebook party in which we introduced ourselves to the world.

The Facebook party was our early effort. It morphed into a three-week party at a fictional inn, and was our first excursion into cross-fictional world impromptu multi-author story games. And yes, it is still around. I saved it all to a word file. One day, edited and tidied, it may appear again.


All super heroes have their mild-mannered secret identity, what is yours? I promise we won’t tell.

Each of the Belles has her own secret identity, and I’ll leave them to tell you what they are. I’m a commercial writer by day and a novelist every spare minute I get.


Where do you get your superpowers from?

We are stronger together than apart. We have Belles who are magic at multi-author writing, Belles who have wrestled mail chimp into submission, Belles who can format faster than a speeding bullet, Belles with x-ray vision for proof-reading errors, Belles who are queens of social media. What one can’t do, another two or three can. We support one another, and we fill one another’s gaps.


Where is your secret lair and what does it look like?

We have several hang outs. The most private are our ‘Belles-only’ spaces in Facebook, Wiggio, and Google. We also have a Belles Brigade, the most wonderful and supportive street team on the face of the planet, led by Brigadier Crystal. We also have places anyone can visit: our website, Twitter, Pinterest, the BellesInBlue Facebook page, and the Bluestocking Bookshop, which I’m going to talk about next.


What kind of training do you do to keep your superpowers in world saving form? How do you insure they are used only for good?

As I said: we support one another. And that includes hosting at one another’s parties, sharing one another’s books, and reading one another’s stuff. Many of us also hang out at the Bookshop, where we write fiction with one another and other Bookshop members. The Bookshop continues the fun we started at the inn party when we began: it is a cross-fictional world, multi-author, story-telling space anchored very loosely in the Regency (though we have had visits from medieval knights and people from the modern day).

We also all contribute to The Teatime Tattler. Our Bluestocking Belles blog, the Tattler is a Regency scandal rag featuring our characters and those of our guests.

Writing for these keeps our skills sharp!


What is your kryptonite? What are the biggest challenges faced with in your writing?

Again, we are stronger together than apart. Time and life are our biggest problems. We like each other, and we talk a lot. But in the past nine months, we’ve had (collectively) family and personal health issues, a pregnancy (the baby is due any moment), several house moves—one overseas, heavy workloads in the day job, and a whole heap of other challenges


Tell us about your new book and why we need to drop everything and get it now.

Our new book, launched today, is our first joint venture. Called Mistletoe, Marriage, and Mayhem, it features seven runaway Regency brides resisting and romancing their holiday heroes under the mistletoe. Whether scampering away or dashing toward their destinies, avoiding a rogue or chasing after a scoundrel, these ladies and their gentlemen leave miles of mayhem behind them on the slippery road to a happy-ever-after.

***All proceeds benefit the Malala Fund.***.


What’s in store for you in the future? Do you have any other big projects on the horizon?

We are currently deciding on our joint box sets for the next two years. We’re continuing the Bookshop, and our fertile brains are full of other ideas. Watch our social media sites, because we won’t be able to resist letting you know what we’ve decided!



The Bluestocking Belles’ books carry you into the past for your happy-ever-after. When you have turned the last page of our novels and novellas, keep up with us (and other historical romance authors) in the Teatime Tattler, a Regency scandal sheet, and join in with the characters you love for impromptu storytelling in the Bluestocking Bookshop on Facebook. Also, look for online games and contests and monthly book chats, and find us at BellesInBlue on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Come visit at www.BluestockingBelles.com and kick up your bluestockinged heels!


 Watch for the Belles to visit again soon!



    • Crystal Cox on November 1, 2015 at 1:25 pm
    • Reply

    I think all authors are superheroes who take us away from the everyday chaos and allow us to enjoy another life ! Of course it is my opinion but I think the Belles are some of the best superheroes out there :).

    • Aleen on November 1, 2015 at 2:07 pm
    • Reply

    Each and every one of the Belles are awesome! I’m glad to be a part the street team 🙂

  1. Wow. How nice! Thank you, ladies.

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