August Announcements!

Grace under pressure buttonI just looked at the calendar and realized that it was already more than halfway through August.  How exactly did that happen? I swear yesterday was the last day of school.

As usual, I’ve got tons of projects happening and wonder how I’m going to keep spinning all the plates and juggling all the balls.

To help us all keep track, I just sent out my summer newsletter with updates. If you don’t subscribe (*gasp* is that possible?) you can click here or in the sidebar and sign up. Why would you want to do that? Well, I have some special exclusive goodies planned in the coming year for all my subscribers. You can check out the Summer 2015 Newsletter here

In addition to writing, I’ve been working on some projects to make it easier for readers to get hold of my books. I’m working with some new distributors now, so you can find my books in more places, including:


gumroad-logo-retinaEven better, I now have a storefront at Gumroads so that you can buy books direct from the source.  Cutting out the middle man is good for all of us, especially since I can offer all three ebook formats (pdf. epub and kindle) together for the price of a single file elsewhere. Check it out here:

My ‘Buy Books’ page has been updated to reflect all the new links now, so you can easily find my books at your favorite retailers.

A spot of sweet tea_teapotAnd speaking of books…what’s coming up? Well a bunch of things! With all the traveling and craving something to read that I could finish by the end of the car/train/plane ride, I’ve been bitten by a short story bug. So I’ll be releasing a number of short stories and short story anthologies in the next several months. Subscribers can get a taste with A Preference for Ginger that will be released on its own and as part of the first anthology next month.

But never fear! I still dream up stories in 100K word chunks! I won’t neglect long form works! Mrs. Drummond’s School for Girls will be wrapping up on-line soon, which means it will be time for editing. I plan to release it at the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016. In the mean time, I am starting to ponder the next tale of the Bennet sisters late of Rosings Park. Next up, I think will be Mary, in The Heir of Rosings Park.

Think I’ve got enough on my plate? Nah, ‘course not! 



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    • Susan Kaye on August 18, 2015 at 11:17 am
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    It’s good to see you’re make such strides! Onward.

    1. Thank you, Susan!

    • Rida on August 18, 2015 at 11:29 am
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    Glad to know all the announcements! However, Scribd doesn’t have all your books. It took out Mistaking Her Character – which was a real disappointment since that’s my fav book of yours! I hope you’ll think about publishing If Only I had Learnt – that one is great, and I can’t think why you haven’t done so already! (Not like you’ve got too much on your plate 😉 ) I’m very much enjoying Mrs Drummond’s School for girls – but what catchy title will you give it when you publish it? Perhaps… ‘The Trouble of Checking Her’? or something like that – it would be consistent with your other titles.

    1. Unfortunately, Scribd removed the majority of the romance books from their lists. It wasn’t something I could do anything about. A lot of authors have been affected by this. That’s part of the reason I’ve built my own storefront, to make sure that there would always be a place that readers could find my books. YOu can find it at:

      I’m still planning to publish If Only I had Learnt. It is just in need of heavy edits and I haven’t gotten it on the schedule yet. I’ll definitely let you guys know what I do.

      I love your suggested title! I hadn’t thought of it, but I”ll definitely add it to the short list for consideration. Thanks, Rida!

    • Sheila L. M. on August 18, 2015 at 4:33 pm
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    Thanks for the update. Subscribed to your store. Happy Summer’s End to all.

    1. Thanks, Sheila!

    • Deborah on August 18, 2015 at 5:44 pm
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    Looking forward to the short stories and reading Mary’s story. What a lot on your plate. You can never say you are bored or don’t know what to do

    1. Very true! Thanks, Deborah!

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