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Join me this morning in getting to know author Linda Banche.

• Writing is such a challenging endeavor. What got you started on it and what keeps you doing it?

At one point, I went on a romance reading binge. I went to the library twice a week. I took out piles of books. The librarians all knew me. I had a great time wallowing in romance. Sigh.

And then the unthinkable happened: I ran out of the type of books I like to read. Panic! What was I to do? The solution–write my own. Which I did. I like my stories. I hope others like them, too.
• What did you do with your earliest efforts? Did anyone read them? Did you still have them?

My earliest efforts are two Regency romance novels that I have to rewrite. I think the ideas are good, but the writing needs a lot of work. Two other novels that I wrote in NaNoWriMo complete the series. I intend to rewrite them all.
• What made you choose to write in the genres/time periods you write in?

I write Regency romances. I love regencies. I never tire of them.

I love to read. Reading has always transported me from the here and now to a place better and brighter than our current world. I read mysteries and fantasy as well as romance, and I’ve always found books I liked, but when I read my first Regency, something clicked. The Regency is far enough in the past for some fantasy, but our modern world began then, so the era is not so far past as to be unrecognizable. I like the sense that the old world is about to give way to a new world in the Regency. And the clothes are pretty, both men’s and women’s. Just my cup of tea.
• What do you enjoy most in the writing process? What parts of it do you really dislike?

Actually, I like rewriting. I like taking a bland sentence and making it more vivid.

The hardest part is coming up with something to write, since I start out with a general idea of the story, but not the details. Pantser am I. *g* So, I rewrite a lot as I think up new things to add. I wind up with dozens of versions before I finally reach the finished product. But, somehow, no matter how daunting the story seems at page one, I finish.
• If you write in multiple genres how do you make the switch from one to the other? Do you find it a welcome change, crazy-making or a little of both?

I write Regency romance only, and most of my stories are sweet. My books are overwhelmingly historical, but paranormal or science fiction elements can creep in. I can’t imagine writing another genre, although you can never say never.
• Historical fiction takes a lot of research. What is the most memorable or interesting thing you’ve learned along the way?

Here’s a fun fact. Formal attire for men in the Regency consisted of knee breeches and silk stockings. Now, silk stockings are thin and transparent. So the men usually wore cotton stockings under the silk stockings to hide the hair on their legs.
• What do you do to keep all your research information and plot ideas organized and accessible?

I organize everything by book title. I name a top level folder on my computer with the book title and I put everything under that. In that folder, I keep the doc file of the book, itself named with the book title. I put all my research into a file named <BookName>Notes.doc. In the Notes file, I keep links along with a copy of the pertinent information from that link. The Notes file is a bit of a jumble, and sometimes I have a hard time finding things in there, but if I come across a good link, I don’t want to lose it. I also keep two copies of the book folder, one each on a second and third computer. My husband is a computer nut and has multiple computers all networked together. I work in my main folder, and at the end of the day, I copy everything new to the other two folders.
• What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever gotten?

Write something. Forget about spelling, descriptions, emotion and whether something logically fits. Get the story down first. Once that’s in place, you add the rest. And most importantly, never rewrite until the story is all there. That original pass won’t be pretty, but that’s why it’s called the first draft.
• Tell us a little about your current project.
My latest book is the Regency comedy novella, A Mutual Interest in Numbers, Part 2 of my Love and the Library series.

A Mutual Interest in Numbers available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble

And if you want to start with A Similar Taste in Books, Part 1 of Love and the Library, the blurb, excerpt and buy links are here:

What’s up next for you?

Next up is Book 3 of Love and the Library, which is the story of Francis Wynne, Regency gentleman #3 of my quartet. I hope to have it out for October.

I also have a full length Regency with science fiction elements, which is finished. But it’s a Christmas story, so I’ll wait until October or November to publish that one.

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    • Lindsay Townsend on June 9, 2013 at 11:53 am
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    Fascinating interview, Linda and Maria Grace. I find your Regencies fun and romantic and also realistic in how your characters fall in love. Interesting about the silk stockings!

    1. Hi Lindsay. I’m glad you like my stories. The Regency had their fun stuff, just like we do today!

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