Get to know Vicki at Long Ago Love

There’s a new historical book blog in the neighborhood.  Come by and get to know Vick at Long Ago Love this morning.

What made you decide to start Long Ago Love?

I decided to start the site mainly out of frustration from a recent book blog tour that I did with one of my own historical romance books. After spending a chunk of money to do a book blast, not one blog that focused on historical romance picked me up. I was listed on contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, and general chick lit, all of which who have followers in those genres. As far as I was concerned, the tour was a bust because it didn’t get me in front of readers who were interested in historical romance. I thought if I was having this problem, so were other authors. After checking out a few historical romance sites that wanted exorbitant amounts of money to advertise on, I decided to take a different route and start my own blog to help other authors and promote my own books.


How difficult was it to start up your own book blog? What were the biggest start-up challenges? What are currently the biggest challenges?

I’ve managed quite a few blogs over the past years on a variety of subjects from single life to Phantom of the Opera. Starting a blog is a breeze if you use a platform you can understand. I’m partial to Google Blogger, even though I have tried other platforms. My biggest challenge is sticking with a design. I go crazy when I first begin trying all sorts of backgrounds, fonts, layouts. I’m never satisfied, so if you see Long Ago Love change in design, you know I got bored one day.

Of course, finding followers is the biggest challenge after your pretty page is up and you’re adding content. I’ve registered at quite a few blog registry sites, started a Facebook Page, Goodreads, Pinterest, Google Plus page, and Twitter accounts. It just takes time to build a consistent audience. I always make sure that when a post goes up, it gets tweeted, pinned, Googled, Facebooked, and Stumbled Upon. I’m always amazed, though, at how many people do not comment directly on the blog itself, but would rather shoot me an email or post elsewhere. I do wish that people would comment more often on the blog because it makes the site so much more interactive and fun.

Tell us about Long Ago Love why we need to drop everything and visit now.

If you love historical romance or historical fiction (with romance thrown in), you should head on over and sign up via email or hit a follow button. Long Ago Love was created especially for this genre. It’s my hope to make it a pleasing site when you visit, filled with informative and fun topics, and provide great content on promotions and reviews. Authors are welcome to post about any historical facts they’ve learned while researching for their novels. I’m doing quite a few fun posts myself just talking about historical romance in general.

What’s in store for Long Ago Love in the future? Do you have any other big projects on the horizon?

My goal is to make this blog a great place to come for information and reviews on new historical romance books. We are open to both traditionally published and independent authors. I am gathering a group of committed reviewers and already have a few waiting in the wings. Currently, our reviewers are just choosing their own books because we don’t have enough staff to take requested reviews. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find more reviewers to participate. We have a few bios up on our reviewers now, if you’d like to check them out. And if you’re interested in being one, drop me an email.

For now promotional opportunities are free because we are in the early stages of growing an audience. We are also registered with six virtual book tours to be a host. However, I’m really sad to see so little historical romance being offered for promotion.

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