Thomas Bennet reflects on the marriage of his daughters

My latest addition to P&P 200. What might Mr. Bennet be thinking about losing two daughters at once?

Published November 14, 2012 | By Maria Grace

Thomas Bennet was not by his nature a reflective man. Reflection tended to bring on discomfort and discontent, neither of which he favored. But his house—and his life—were in disarray on the cusp of his daughters’ weddings and a little reflection could hardly make his discomfiture worse.

He picked his way around the trunks and boxes piled in the hall way. It was only a matter of time before Mrs. Bennet began demanding they be removed somewhere else lest the guests for the wedding breakfast see them. Thankfully Mr. Bingley had offered space at Netherfield for his daughters’ things.

He slipped into the study and fell into his favorite chair. All the lumps and bumps in the seat matched his own. At least some things in his life would not change. He had had this old chair for decades and resisted all Mrs. Bennet’s insistence that it be replaced.

But it seemed like everything else around him was changing and he was certain he did not like it. Change brought disorder and discomfort. Change took away…

A lump rose in his throat. He pushed up from his chair and locked the door. A visit to the brandy decanter, then he returned to his chair.

Lizzy told him Lady Catherine said a daughter was never of much consequence to a father, but the great lady was very, very wrong. He sipped his brandy and leaned his head back. Society told him he should want fine strapping sons—ah heir and a spar to inherit his estate and carry on his name. But he did not.

Oh, he had intended to father a son, to be sure, but his heart had not been in it.

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    • Janet T on November 19, 2012 at 2:38 pm
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    Oh this was do good. Maybe Wickham is about to be exposed for the scoundrel that he is and Darcy will see what he is too. It is about time. Then maybe he won’t feel the obligation any longer.

    Thanks, Maria

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