Meet Stephanie Moore, founder of Layered Pages

I had the pleasure of visiting with Stephanie Moore, founder of Layered PagesBook Review Blog. I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I have.

What got you started reading?
Pretty much everyone in my family is an avid reader. So it must be in my blood. I’ve been reading as long as I can remember. When I read a story I become emotionally attached to the characters and their plight. Reading stories is an escape for me and a vacation of sorts, from reality.

What was your first favorite book?
Tough question! I’m one of those people who love so many-even as a child-it would be hard to choose. But, if I’m only to pick one, it would have to be, “Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.”

 What got you hooked on historical fiction?
I’ve always been drawn to the past as long as I can remember. Soon after I started to read the classics, I discovered the world of Historical fiction. I wanted to know about real people, their lives, the culture and what they experienced.

How did you make the transition from reader to reviewer?
Goodreads and the book club, Ladies & Literature I co-founded, have played a big role in that. But first, let me go a little further back. When I was younger I kept a journal about the stories and poems I read. I would write my thoughts and my favorite passages. At the time we didn’t have social media where we could share our thoughts. When I posted a review on goodreads two years ago an author approached me and asked if I would review her book and ever since I’ve been reviewing and love it!

What do you enjoy most in the book review process? What parts of it you really dislike?
I enjoy letting the story sink in and think about what I want to say and seeing readers get excited about the book after reading my review.
What I dislike most is, having to reject a book for review. It is never pleasant to turn down a book from a writer that I don’t deem worthy of my time and effort.
What inspired you to start Layered Pages? Can you tell us a bit about your website?
There are so many reasons as to why I started Layered Pages. My main reason was to have a platform to promote the books and authors I most admire. As well as taking my passion for reading to the next level.  My website has many layers to it. They are interviews, reviews, giveaways and articles.

Websites and book reviews take a lot of effort. What keeps you at it?
As I mentioned previously, my passion for reading and what keeps me at it is seeing the impact my efforts have clearly shown. Seeing my audience interests in my work and how they discover authors and books they have not yet heard of, through me.

Do you have a particular period of history that is your favorite to read about?
In the last few years, I have developed particular interests in the twelfth through sixteenth century Europe.

Do you ever secretly (or openly, lol) read other genres?  Why or why not?
Lol. I sometimes read what I call “spicy romance” (except for erotica) I won’t read that. I also like epic fantasy in good taste.

What’s up next for you and your website?
I have several projects under way. I intend to direct my focus more on indie authors and to really spread the word about indieBRAG LLC, a company that I have the pleasure of working for. I also have several articles I’m currently working on that I feel and hope will make a big impact on the self-publishing industry.

Stephanie works for indieBRAG LLC. She also is the co-founder of Ladies & Literature on goodreads, Moderator of the indieBRAG Group on goodreads, Creator and author of Layered Pages, and is a book reviewer for the Historical Novel Society. She is currently working on a project- with a friend and fellow reviewer- of starting a review group.

You can find her at:


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    • Geri on November 13, 2012 at 11:14 am
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    Great interview! We are so proud to have Stephanie working with us at indieBRAG LLC- she is talented and hardworking and she is an incredible asset to us and to indie authors-

  1. Nice interview – lovely lady

    • Carole Freeman on November 13, 2012 at 6:11 pm
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    Stephanie, I do not know where you find the time, to do all that you do, as well as read books. Your amazing!

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