Decatur Book Festival

This weekend I got to attend the Decatur Book Festival, my first book festival and first book signing. JASNA-Georgia helped host the Jane Austen Now and Then tents and made all of the the attending authors feel very welcome.


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Thanks to JASNA for all they did to make us feel welcome.

I am grateful to my roommate, friend and author liaison Barbara who put up with me all weekend.  Yes, I do always eat chocolate for breakfast and I will loose my mind if I don’t make the bed as soon as I get up.

I loved getting to catch up with old friends, meet e-friends face to face, and make new friends.  Swapping hurricane stories with Barbra and Jack was a highpoint for sure.

I so appreciated the veteran authors in attendance. They were so willing to encourage and share their insight. I learned so much.

Thanks to Jan and all the volunteers who worked so hard to make it all happen.  It was a long, hot weekend and their enthusiasm never faltered.

It isn’t often we can get together we so many people in our writing community in a single place and time. What a totally memorable weekend!



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  1. Congrats on your first book festival Mariagrace. What a great introduction and such fab company. Thanks for sharing. LA

  2. Maria…friend and roommate! I so enjoyed spending time with you this weekend and KNOW that you do not do well without your chocolate for breakfast! Thanks for keeping me sane this weekend, but also throughout the process! Can’t wait till we find an excuse to get together again!

    Barbara Tiller Cole

    1. Me too! Thanks, Barb!

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